Gift Guide

Here are some of my favorite art supplies to use with kids (some with links). They are always a hit and pretty easy to use and clean up at home. Enjoy!

I love these slick stix and so do kids.  It’s like coloring with lipstick.

Glitter glue is the way to go – no glitter stuck to your face a week later.

  Sculpey’s Bake Shop clay is so rewarding because kids can make beads or sculptures and have something that will last after baking for only 15 or so minutes in the oven.

Maybe I was the last to know, but I finally found the perfect string for beading.  This elastic cord is stiff and does not fray, which makes it easy for little hands to use without needing help.

I love to buy paper scrap packs for collaging.  This is a solid color pack but you can find all different types of beautiful papers in scrap packs at art stores.  I recently discovered this and it was my personal pot of gold.

Dab ‘N Stick school glue is pretty great.  There’s nothing wrong with a regular glue stick, but if your child likes to color with the glue (especially that disappearing purple kind) then this is a good option. [Tip 12/12/16: make sure you close the tops well on these or the sponges will eventually get hard and then glue can no longer flow through]

With a lot of art supplies you can get away with a variety of qualities, but I have found that you get what you pay for with watercolor paper.  Paint looks downright ugly on cheaper paper so make sure to buy 140 lb paper!

                Prang watercolors are the brightest and prettiest.   They do get kind of squishy if there is standing water in them, so make sure to help your child press gently when loading the paintbrush so it doesn’t get used up quickly.

And lastly, kids love shape punches.  All of them.

Happy shopping!

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