Name Garland

These turned out really well because anything with a child’s name on it will be special, and also because they provide evidence of so much hard work:  watercolor painting, tissue paper painting, tracing, cutting, beading/stringing, and spelling!

watercolor paper, bleeding tissue paper, water and brushes, pencil, cardboard shapes, scissors, hole puncher, letter stickers, string, buttons, beads, pom poms, beading needles

  1.  Decorate watercolor paper with tissue paper that bleeds.  I actually don’t know which brand bleeds because these pieces were donated to me- make sure you test what you buy before your lesson!  Just place one square on the paper at a time, and use a brush to add water.  When it dries, remove the tissue and the color will remain.  Some children filled a page in about 30 minutes, and some could have still worked on it after an hour and a half.  For the sake of time and for the children with long names, I also had them decorate an extra page with crayon and watercolor.
  2. When the paper is dry, trace shapes on the back- we did stars, flags, hearts, and circles.
  3. Cut out the shapes.
  4. Add letter stickers to spell names, then punch holes (that way you don’t have to move the stickers when the children put them on upside down if you have already punched the holes).
  5. String!  We used beading needles to add buttons, sparkly pom poms, and wooden beads.




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