So the weavings were so much fun for the kids to make, and people liked them so much that I got together with a few friends to try some of our own. We used the backs of pads of art paper (like watercolor paper) to make the looms. They were 9×12 inches, and we made them with the same steps from the Weavings post. You don’t have to have a whole inch on the left and right of the group of warp strings, and as long as you have an even number, they don’t have to be exactly 3/8 inches apart. I used this white yarn for my warp and hanger strings, and most of the yarns pictured are also from Michael’s. My friends and I plan to make more of these to sell on etsy, and we are eventually going to make some grown-up looms out of picture frames. I will post about that soon, and in the meantime, knock yourself out looking for inspiration on instagram with #weaverfever.

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