3-6 colors of yarn, yarn needle, cardboard or chipboard, white yarn for making the warp, pom pom maker, beads, stick

  1. make cardboard loom
    1. cardboard should be cut to about 6×8 inches
    2. measure 1/2 inch from the top and draw a line, repeat 1/2 inch from the bottom
    3. at the top, measure 1 inch in from the left, and make a mark that goes from the top to the drawn line, then measure 3/8 inch over and repeat until you have 12 marks (there should be about 1 inch left over on the right side)
    4. repeat at bottom, and then cut slits along the 1/2 inch marks that you made
    5. glue a piece of cardboard (or two layered, or a pencil, or dowel/chopsticks) at the top and bottom just below and above the slits to allow the strings to be raised a little
    6. add string in the slits to make the warp, leaving about 2 inches on the top and bottom of each string so that you can tape to the back and eventually tie off
  2. precut different colors of yarn about 2 feet long
  3. children choose color, then you can help tie the end to a yarn needle
  4. start weaving- over under over under- on the first row of each color you have to pull through until there is the 3 inch tail left (see step 6) before you start the second row
  5. try not to pull to tight- if far left and far right vertical strings are getting pulled toward center- it’s too tight and the weaving will get skinnier and skinnier!
  6. when each piece of yarn runs out, make sure to leave about a 3 inch tail
  7. when whole weaving is finished, take tape off vertical strings (on the back of cardboard) and tie off the strings at top and bottom (2 at a time- this is why there are 12 vertical strings- you can do any number as long as it’s an even number) and tape the tails to the back
  8. sew to a stick, add a hanger, beads, and pom poms or tassels


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