Chalk Drawing

I couldn’t find chalkboards at Staples or Walmart, and instead of ordering online or looking at art stores, I just bought black heavy duty poster paper.  It worked really well as a chalkboard, and the kids even washed it off repeatedly.  Still can be used again later as well!

heavy poster paper, chalk pastels, water, wash cloths, water container, tape (for wall)

  1. draw
  2. wash
  3. repeat!

One thought on “Chalk Drawing

  1. Chalkboards are so overrated anyway. I bought a few little ones for my students a while back, but some are higher quality than others and there is no real way to tell. I found out that they make chalkboard paint a while back, and we use that on wood sometimes.

    We use tar paper at my school. It works just like heavy-duty poster board and it is totally waterproof, so you can leave it outside on an easel and just let the rain clean it. It doesn’t smell very good though…

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