Frozen Watercolors

liquid watercolors, popsicle sticks, ice trays, watercolor paper, salt

This is a fun summer (or any time!) activity, especially if there are real popsicles involved as a reward for making great art!

  1. freeze liquid watercolors (can dilute with water) in ice trays, and after about 15 minutes in freezer put a popsicle stick in each ice cube hole
  2. place watercolor popsicles (not for licking!) on a tray since they will slowly start melting
  3. let children choose from the different colors and draw on their papers- as time goes by, the paint will melt and release more and more color
  4. LAST step is to sprinkle salt (not piles, sprinkles) on the wet paint and then be amazed when they are dry! (you can shake off salt into trash)

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