Silly Drawing Tools


large paper, plastic forks, toothpicks, masking tape, card/mat/chip board, feathers, popsicle sticks, pipe cleaners, inks or liquid watercolors, muffin pan paint tray

  1. set out ink trays on each table, along with several drawing tools
  2. to make the pipe cleaner tool, simply bend one in half and wind the ends to keep them together
  3. to make the toothpick tool, connect several toothpicks with masking tape onto a small piece of either cardboard, mat board, or chip board
  4. tape a few feathers to a popsicle stick for the feather tool
  5. draw! (rinse soft tools between colors, and pat plastic and wood tools dry)


Chalk Drawing

I couldn’t find chalkboards at Staples or Walmart, and instead of ordering online or looking at art stores, I just bought black heavy duty poster paper.  It worked really well as a chalkboard, and the kids even washed it off repeatedly.  Still can be used again later as well!

heavy poster paper, chalk pastels, water, wash cloths, water container, tape (for wall)

  1. draw
  2. wash
  3. repeat!

Still Life Drawings

large drawing paper, pencils, colored pencils, something for a still life

  1. set up a still life
  2. review types of lines and shapes with children
  3. fold paper in half
  4. on one half, let children draw the still life with pencil first, and then add color
  5. put still life away and let children draw from memory on the second half


Garden Collages

This lesson is from Purple Twig so click over to read the original post. The children loved working on this and I was happy that they could try both painting and collaging and end up with one beautiful picture. We talked about radishes, turnips, onions, potatoes, beets, and carrots, and it was helpful to have our school vegetable garden right outside the window! Lots of possibilities for integrating gardening themes!

Here are a few of my favorite children’s books about gardening: The Curious GardenA Seed Is SleepyAnd Then It’s Spring


Talavera Tiles

This was an extension activity during a unit about Frida Kahlo. I showed examples of talavera tiles from Mexico, as well as images of Kahlo’s kitchen.

square papers, pencils, rulers, 6×6 inch ceramic tiles, china markers, patio paint, spray sealer, school glue, cork paper

  1. make a practice drawing of the design on paper with pencil- use a ruler to find the center of the square so the design can start in the center
  2. use a china marker to make the design on the ceramic tile
  3. add paint
  4. wipe away any china marker still showing
  5. spray with sealer
  6. glue cork paper to the back