Salt Drawings

Materials: chipboard or cardboard (I use the back of art paper pads), chalk pastels, white glue, salt, liquid droppers, liquid watercolors, cups or muffin/paint tray

  1. color chip board with chalk pastels, just to add background color!  could plan something fancy like using only cool colors with chalk and warm with watercolors, but I just let them choose from all
  2. drip glue designs (older kids could make shapes/pictures) on chip board
  3. sprinkle salt all over glue, then shake excess in trash
  4. drip liquid watercolors carefully onto salt, and watch it spread along the salt trail magically 🙂


black glue, chalk pastels

  1. show pumpkin and talk about shape and lines and the vine that it grew on
  2. use pencil to draw pumpkin
  3. add black glue (50%glue, 50%black tempera or acrylic paint) on top of pencil lines
  4. when dry, color with chalk pastels
  5. wipe chalk off of glue and spray with fixative