Silly Drawing Tools


large paper, plastic forks, toothpicks, masking tape, card/mat/chip board, feathers, popsicle sticks, pipe cleaners, inks or liquid watercolors, muffin pan paint tray

  1. set out ink trays on each table, along with several drawing tools
  2. to make the pipe cleaner tool, simply bend one in half and wind the ends to keep them together
  3. to make the toothpick tool, connect several toothpicks with masking tape onto a small piece of either cardboard, mat board, or chip board
  4. tape a few feathers to a popsicle stick for the feather tool
  5. draw! (rinse soft tools between colors, and pat plastic and wood tools dry)


Inspired by Joan MirĂ³

cut potatoes, black paint, liquid watercolors and dropper, black india ink

  1. cut potatoes to look like stars and stamp on watercolor paper with black paint
  2. let dry, then paint a section with water
  3. drop liquid watercolors onto wet section
  4. repeat until it is as colorful as desired
  5. when watercolors are dry, connect stars with ink (we used a q-tip) to make constellations