Garden Collages

This lesson is from Purple Twig so click over to read the original post. The children loved working on this and I was happy that they could try both painting and collaging and end up with one beautiful picture. We talked about radishes, turnips, onions, potatoes, beets, and carrots, and it was helpful to have our school vegetable garden right outside the window! Lots of possibilities for integrating gardening themes!

Here are a few of my favorite children’s books about gardening: The Curious GardenA Seed Is SleepyAnd Then It’s Spring


Garden Markers

It’s in the 60s for the next few days and I’m thinking about gardening and how much fun it was to work on these garden markers with the children at school last spring. It has been a little bit less than one year and these markers have been outside in all weather- they have not faded yet and I didn’t even seal them with anything. So far, I think the patio paint is a great product.

white colored pencil, patio paint, brushes, industrial sharpie

  1. draw fruit/veggie/herb in white colored pencil (or other color that shows up on your stone/marker but that the paint covers – try a test on the back of one stone
  2. help children spell but let them write in the colored pencil- I love kid handwriting on these
  3. add patio paint- background first and picture when that is dry
  4. trace word with industrial sharpie (kids added paint and sharpie and I touched up sharpie as needed)