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I love [Making] and working through the joyful and challenging process of creating something new. Creativity and flow come from devoting time to explore in my studio, whether it’s through collage, painting, or writing about the process. Right now I am focused on improving my painting skills, and absolutely enjoy the work of arranging composition, drawing from life, and mixing colors with a limited palette.

My [Teaching] page includes lessons from my work at three different Montessori schools, community centers, and museums. Most lesson posts include a materials list (possibly with a few affiliate links), sample images of student work, and simple procedural steps.  I try my best to give lessons that are process-based and function as art media exploration, but that also culminate in a finished product. This allows younger children to explore at their own pace while older children are working towards a goal and will have something to share at the end of class. This gives them something to be proud of, but also functions as an artifact of what they learned and the process they explored. Every child has different interests, so what makes me happiest is when they find inspiration and are engaged and excited about creating. I hope that these lesson ideas will inspire you to try something new with your own students, family, or friends!

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