Thanks for visiting my site! I live in Chapel Hill, North Carolina and am thrilled to be working on art most of the week. From 2011-2017 I pursued a full-time teaching career (I love teaching and more on that below), but it wasn’t for me- I needed to make art and with continuing education to improve my art skills over the years, and thanks to each new collector, my studio dabbling has developed into a daily practice as an artist.

Time at the easel allows me to enjoy “flow,” to connect with others, and to think about my experiences as I attach meaning to my work.  I am interested in representing life through paint, and love the constant practice of seeing and painting value and color. My main collections are still life, landscape, and botanical paintings from my own nature photos. Additionally, I enjoy playful breaks from painting with whimsical cut paper collages that catalog nature. My main collage series are North Carolina wildflowers and Atlantic Coast seashells.

Alla Prima Still Life in Oils, Feb 5th- March 5th, Saturdays 2-5 pm, Eno Arts Mill in Hillsborough, NC

Thanks so much for visiting!

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