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Most days you can find me lesson planning, art supply gathering, or making art in my home studio.  I create fine art and custom work for individuals who value creativity and want to support small businesses by owning original art.  Art-making allows me to enjoy what learning scholars call “flow,” to connect with others, and to think about my experiences as I attach meaning to my work.  The two media that I enjoy most are collage and oil paint, and I balance the two modes of expression by using each as a retreat from the other.  While I thrive in the challenge, painting is more deliberate, methodical, and disciplined, whereas collage gives me an outlet for experimenting and being playful through art.

On this site you will also find lessons from my work at three different Montessori schools, community centers, and museums.  I design lessons that are process-based and function as art media exploration, but that also culminate in a finished product. This gives my students something to be proud of and serves as an artifact of what they learned and the process they explored. Every child has different interests, and my goal is to help them find inspiration and get engaged and excited about creating. I hope that my lessons will inspire you to try something new with your own students, family, or friends.

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